Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

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It is essential to know the signs that your air conditioner needs repair to avoid further damage or breaking down. Be attentive and do a regular inspection of your indoor and outdoor unit. If you notice the following warnings, your air conditioner likely needs repair. You can also decide to discover professional aircon servicing vs diy to determine the right one for you. Here are some signs that your AC needs repair:

Insufficient Air Flow

ac repairYour space should have maximum airflow for comfortability. Poor airflow is a common problem that is a sign of blockage preventing air from moving in your home’s ductwork. A serious problem can be a result of clogged filters or a broken motor.

You might not be able to fix the problem by DIY. Hiring a professional is the way to fix the issue. A technician will recommend and install a recovery ventilator system. The ventilator will ensure an exchange of stale air with clean and fresh air.

Water Leaks

Water leaks from your air conditioner should not be ignored because they can cause serious structural damages to your home. Water leaking is an indication that your air conditioner is not working properly. If you notice any leaks, do not hesitate to fix or if you can’t, call your technician.

The most dangerous leak is the refrigerant leak, which can be poisonous. A condensate leak may be due to broken or blocked condensate. These are signs that your air conditioner needs immediate repair.

Unusual Sound

ac repair servicesAn air conditioner can produce different sounds, but most of it comes from the outdoor unit. Call a technician if you notice any unusual sound while the air conditioner is running. A distinctive sound like metal screeching indicates that the fan motor bearing is coming out or broken. It needs immediate repair of the fan.

A high-pitched hissing sound from the compressor is a sign that there is a high-pressure buildup in the system. If not repaired, it can lead to a complete breakdown of the unit. Clicking sound from the outdoor unit indicates an obstruction in fun, inspecting, and removing the object. Clicking sound from the indoor unit is a result of an electric problem.

A Rise In Utility Cost

Your utility cost should range in between a certain amount. Utility bills might rise, especially during summer or high temperatures, but the air conditioner should use the bill. If you notice a sudden increase in the utility cost, it shows that your air conditioner is not working properly.

It is necessary to check with your technician; it might be an issue with your thermostat, or your air conditioner is becoming old. If the problem can’t be solved, the thermostat can be replaced or repaired, then prepare to get a new AC.