Ten Reasons Why You Should Have Jigsaw Puzzles at Home

jigsaw pieces

Playing jigsaw puzzles may look like a thing from the past. But in reality, just like books, solving a jigsaw puzzle can give you an experience you can’t get elsewhere.

1. Enhances Problem-Solving Skills

In order to solve a jigsaw puzzle, your brain is forced to picture the whole image and construct it with all the available jigsaw pieces. In real life, this is like devising the right solution to the real problem by only seeing a tiny part of it. 

2. Gives Your Meditative Benefits

Once you are confronted with jigsaw pieces, your brain will attempt to convey the complete image. During this state, you will feel how calming and peaceful it is to be fixated on finding a solution for a problem. In the long term, this seemingly playful activity can train your brain not to give up or panic over solving intricacies.

3. Improves Your Focus

Without an adequate ability to focus, it is impossible to finish a set of a jigsaw puzzle. You have to focus on selecting which colors, shapes, and sizes match the existing pieces for hours, if not days. If you are up to extreme challenges, you can even try to solve the 50,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. If this becomes your habit, your ability to focus will be improved. 

4. Trains Motor Skills

For adults, this benefit may not be significant. But for toddlers and young children, solving a jigsaw puzzle requires their tiny hands to coordinate with their eyes when they put the pieces together. Adults who suffer from strokes or other neurological disorders can also use jigsaw puzzles as a means to help them recover their motor skills. 

5. Nurtures the Brain

The more you use your brain, the less likely it is to deteriorate. And solving a jigsaw puzzle can be the easiest means for you to improve your brain’s function. All you need is dedication and focus. 

6. Sharpens Your Memory

Jigsaw puzzles will undoubtedly improve your ability to memorize things because you are conditioned to use your memory efficiently when you slot all the pieces. To get the maximum benefit on this matter, try to separate your jigsaw puzzle solving into several sessions with an interval of one or two weeks. 

7. Gives You a Chance to Bond with Your Children

Gadgets and consoles are probably the two things your kids can’t live without. If you attempt to keep up with them, it will also be awkward. With a jigsaw puzzle, you can have a chance to solve something together with your kid. And it will also benefit you both. 

8. Awards You with a Sense of Achievement

Once you complete a difficult jigsaw, frame it, and put it on display. Show your guest that solving puzzles is your passion. And by doing this, you can feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction. In today’s trend of self-doubt, awarding yourself is a necessary act.

9. Strengthens Your Perseverance

Jigsaw puzzles with 10,000 pieces or more are tough to finish. You can only complete them if you are dedicated enough. And although this activity is just a hobby, it can test your perseverance pretty well. Can you commit to solving the puzzle for days, weeks, or even months? Do you have what it takes?

10. Sustains Your Imagination

Solving a jigsaw puzzle is like reading a novel. You have to convey the complete picture yourself, and only the separated pieces guide you. In other words, you must have accurate imagination to solve the puzzle, which is exactly the benefit you can’t get from playing a console game or watching movies.